Face Cleansing

The basics of beautiful bare skin.
Re-learn the rules of cleansing your face.

Dust. Sweat. Sebum. Spring is stress season for your skin.

Winter’s dryness strips hydration and resilience from your skin, so you may be looking forward to the warmer months, thinking they’ll restore your skin’s moisture. But the truth is, spring air is just as dry as winter’s. And spring’s strong winds blow in dust and impurities that can cause inflammation and damage to your skin (not to mention, they ruin your makeup.) Now is the time to make sure you’re using the right technique for washing your face properly.

It’s all about the lather.

For cleansing facial skin, the ideal lather is rich and thick enough to stick to your hand when you hold it upside down. Otherwise, the cleanser will not be effective enough, and you may experience irritation from too much rubbing. The richer lather acts as a cushion to protect your skin.

  • STEP 1Work up a proper lather by adding water and mixing quickly.

    Before cleansing, wash your hands thoroughly and wet your face. Then take an appropriate amount of facial cleanser onto your hand and spread it over both palms. Cup one of your palms slightly and add a small amount of cold or lukewarm water, making sure you don’t take so much that it drips. To lather, use the fingers of your other hand vertically like a whisk, mixing in a circular motion. Continue to add more cold or lukewarm water, a little at a time, whisking with air so that the lather fluffs up.

  • STEP 2Gently roll the lather like a ball against your skin, using circular motions to wash your entire face.

    With the pads of your fingers, give extra attention to oily areas like your forehead, nose, and the space between your lips and chin.

    Rinse skin with running water thoroughly, for about a minute. The water should be cold or lukewarm. Check the mirror to make sure there’s no lather left along your hairline or jaw.

    Finally, press a clean towel gently onto your face to absorb excess water. Make sure follow up with softener and moisturizer.

More than just healthy hygiene, the daily cleansing ritual gives you a psychological boost. The pleasant sensations of lather against your skin have both refreshing and calming effects, contributing to an overall feeling of well-being, and a positive outlook on life.