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Shiseido introduced FUTURE SOLUTION LX innovation in 2009. This exclusive premium skincare line breathes new life into your skin by combining the best of ancient Japanese practices with the latest technology. What does that mean for you? Luxurious texture that melts into your skin, a calming, discreet fragrance and impeccable attention to the details.

Age-defying Regimen

Combining botanical extracts with revolutionary science, FUTURE SOLUTION LX skincare collection represents the height of Shiseido's cutting-edge technology. FUTURE SOLUTION LX gives skin the power to reveal age-defying radiance. Using FUTURE SOLUTION LX products together amplifies this ultimate, luxurious beauty system. Today your skin begins a new journey — on a path where greater beauty unfolds every day.

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Activating Daytime Defense Power: the express route to beautiful skin.

Your skin has the natural ability to self-protect. By activating this Daytime Defense Power, you can give your skin stronger resistance to dryness, UV rays and other outdoor environmental factors as well as every other stress factor.

Urunula Flower Extract complements Shiseido’s proprietary ingredient Skingenecell 1P, and Sansho Extract, improving the defense and resistant ability thus provide the skin with the feel of strength against various environmental aggressors.

A cream protector with an uncannily smooth texture, featuring advanced skincare technology that protects skin from increasingly complex modern day aggressors. It prevents dryness and damage caused by UV rays, while providing true protection against dark spots, wrinkles and uneven tone with a rich, moisturizing feel.

Universal Defense

SPF 50+ PA++++ 50mL

The ultimate age-defying foundation, FUTURE SOLUTION LX Total Radiance Foundation works in perfect synergy with the rest of the collection to create an exquisitely radiant finish.


Universal Defense

Whole-body Beauty

Complete the experience of total bliss with our rich and aromatic specialty products for more resilient skin from head to toe.


Total Regenerating Body Cream

A revitalizing body cream with a lavish, silky texture that improves skin quality. Skin becomes more radiant and resilient, and the luxurious fragrance completes the experience of total bliss.

A Collaboration Between Science & Nature

Shiseido has pioneered the discovery of a major contributor to skin aging, protein Serpin b3. To defend skin, we’ve created Skingenecell 1P* to help preserve age-defending benefits. This core of FUTURE SOLUTION LX immediately works to improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging, bringing a more radiant and refreshed glow to your skin.

  • Premium Sansho
  • Star Fruit
  • Premium Uji Green Tea
  • Super Yeast
  • Sakura Leaf
  • Angelica Root

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Premium Sansho Extract

This extract has long been relied upon as natural remedy to promote digestion.

Star Fruit Extract

High in vitamin C and antioxidants, this extract is known to improve skin’s texture.

Premium Uji Green Tea Extract

Uji green tea harnesses the power of antioxidants and is known to protect cells from UV rays.

Super Yeast Extract

This extract is a powerful moisturizer that is known to help reduce the signs of aging.

Sakura Leaf Extract

Sakura leaf extract is known to give skin a supple and youthful appearance.

Angelica Root Extract

Angelica root extract is said to promote microcirculation and help accelerate cell turnover.

*Skingenecell 1P is present in all FUTURE SOLUTION LX products except the Cleansing Foam.

The Ultimate Beauty System

The Ultimate Beauty System brings Skingenecell 1P* and Shiseido’s Chronobiology approach to beautiful skin to a full beauty regimen.
Our study of the body’s internal clock and the role it plays in the skin’s natural functions produces an innovative line designed to enhance the skin’s condition by synchronizing skincare with skin activity.

*Skingenecell 1P is present in all FUTURE SOLUTION LX products except the Cleansing Foam.

Experience the Ultimate Beauty System with Shiseido’s YUTAKA treatment.

In Japanese, the word “YUTAKA” signifies richness and abundance. It is the philosophy behind the luxurious textures and extraordinary innovation of FUTURE SOLUTION LX.

Our exclusive facial massage intensifies the benefits of FUTURE SOLUTION LX products to reveal your most radiant, luminous skin.

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