Multi Solution Gel,



Multi Solution Gel

Correct imperfections. Resist future problems. As lifestyle, hormonal fluctuations... and environmental stress factors intensify, your skin has to work harder and harder to resist problems. Breakouts occur. Pores become more visible. Skin's smooth, balanced texture is lost. The key to correcting the skin's surface is to build the skin's resistance. Now, an entirely new approach to skincare does just that. Shiseido's advanced PhytoResist Complex, based on Shape Memorizing Cell Technology™*, helps to enhance production of natural moisture factors** and refines skin's texture in order to build skin's resistance. The idea is to boost skin's strength to resist problems, instead of just addressing the problems that result from skin's weakness. Smooth, trouble-free skin becomes your new reality. With cells in their ideal shape, skin's even condition is restored. "Trouble-free, smooth and finely textured" become the perfect descriptors of your skin's state, every day. ●Gentle yet effective formula for all skin types including sensitive. ●The relaxing and comforting scent to enhance your daily skincare  routine. ●NON-COMEDOGENIC. ●DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED. More


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