Fusing the finest of Shiseido’s scientific and experiential achievements, FUTURE SOLUTION LX treats skin to unparalleled care, nurturing its ability to self-regenerate.

The Ultimate Beauty System
Bringing out your skin's inherent ability to improve itself

The Ultimate Beauty System is skincare based on the performance of Skingenecell 1P and Chronobiology.

After seven years of research and development, Shiseido researchers developed an exclusive ingredient, Skingenecell 1P*.

This exclusive ingredient helps reduce the age-inducing factor, Serpin b3** and also helps to improve skin quality to create more beautiful skin.

Chronobiology is Future Solution LX's exclusive new approach to beautiful skin. It is the study of our internal body clock and the role it plays in the skin's natural functions. Using this concept, Shiseido is able to enhance the skin's condition by synchronizing skincare with skin cell activity.

*ingredient that addresses age-inducing factor Serpin b3

**in vitro