Sun Protection
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  • Daily
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  • Daily

    Perfect for daily use, the newest
    SHISEIDO innovation, powered by
    Sun Dual Care™, offers the dual
    benefit of UV protection and hydration.


    Urban Environment Triple Beauty Sunscreen
    Emulsion SPF 50+ PA++++



  • Active

    SHISEIDO’s active series is made
    to handle any sport or outdoor activity
    you throw at it with SynchroShield™
    technology that strengthens its protective
    veil in higher heat and water contact.


    Clear Suncare Stick SPF 50+




    Expert Sun Protector Face
    Cream SPF 50+




    Expert Sun Protector Face &
    Body Lotion SPF 50+




    Ultimate Sun Protection
    Lotion S



  • Sports

    Perfect for daily sports like jogging
    or everyday applying, SHISEIDO offers
    powerful protection while giving skin
    a natural, lustrous, and contoured look
    for long wear in the sun and during
    outdoor activities.


    Sports BB SPF 50+



Leading Suncare

SHISEIDO is driven to create
breakthroughs in suncare
featuring innovations
such as Sun Dual
Care™ with the
power to protect from UV
rays and
beautify your skin with sunlight.

Block and Boost

It’s not just a sunscreen.
It’s sun-powered skincare.

Inspired by the sun's natural power to help plants
absorb nutrients through
sunlight, Sun Dual Care™
helps protect from UV rays and turns a portion
sunlight into Beauty Beams. This skincare benefit
is powered by the new
Spirulina Energy Essence,
ingredients derived from an ancient blue-green
that has thrived in lakes for over 3 billion
years with its unique photosynthetic


Skincare meets suncare in
the latest
SHISEIDO innovation
with dual benefits
of sun-activated
skin enrichment
and protection.

Sun Dual Care™

Suncare Q&A

The Best Suncare Questions
You’re Probably not Asking.

Why does SPF matter?

“SPF” stands for sun protection factor which
indicates how effectively the sunscreen protects
skin from UVB rays which causes redness and
inflammation of the skin in a short time.
The number indicates how long the inflammation
caused by UVB rays can be prevented
to when nothing is applied, and the larger the
number, the higher the protective
effect against
UVB rays. In 1980 SHISEIDO Sunscreen became
the first company in Japan
to label SPF on their

“SHISEIDO Sunscreen” displays an SPF number.
The 1st company in Japan to do so.

Does the way I apply sunscreen

Yes, any part of skin exposed without protection
is susceptible to being burned, so careful
and constant application is important. Make sure
you apply the right format for conditions
(waterproof for water activities).
The recommended amount is to apply one ounce
the entire body and a coin sized dollop for
the face, and reapply every 2 hours or post‑swim.

And as sun rays can reach you from all directions,
not just straight down from the sky,
developed SuperVeil-UV 360™ technology to give
your skin consistent,
complete, UV skin protection
from all directional angles.

Can sunscreen replace my

Sunscreen can help prevent wrinkles, dark
spots, and uneven skin tone, and multiple signs
of aging skin caused by UV rays. However,
to achieve the most out of any skincare routine,
SHISEIDO recommends a dual process designed
to both defend the skin from the elements
revitalize the skin to address visible concerns.

As the #1 in Sun Protection* for Face and Body,
learn how SHISEIDO is pushing suncare
innovation to not only protect your skin but
beautify it as well through application. Learn
in our Defend and Regenerate section.

*Source: The NPD Group/U.S. Prestige Beauty Department/Specialty, Skincare Total Sun Brand Sales, January-December 2019

How can skin feel smooth,
strengthened, and hydrated?

Exposure of unprotected skin to sunlight can
cause skin to dry and quickly chap. And over
time daily exposure to sunlight while unprotected
can compound causing skin to weaken.
That’s why
it’s great to look for a sunscreen with moisturizing
properties, like the NEW Sun
Dual Care™ product
to keep your skin nourished and UV protected.

To build more resilient skin after damage from sun
and pollutants, consider the daily
application of
SHISEIDO’S ULTIMUNE with the Lifeblood™, Power
of Science. ULTIMUNE
works to strengthen skin’s
natural defenses and help build resilient, radiant
and smooth
skin with benefits that can be felt
within 3 days. Learn more at the Ultimune page.

Beauty Actions

As the top-runner in suncare technology,
SHISEIDO is committed
to providing
you with smart solutions to feel confident
and the impact on the environment.
The three focuses are: smart
for better skin protection, smart packaging
for reduced
carbon footprint, and smart
action for protecting our oceans.

Customers can learn more about SHISEIDO’s
sustainable actions
by visiting the sustainable
business actions page.