Hanae Mori manuscrit

Hanae Mori manuscrit

May. 2016

Hanae Mori became the first Asian couturier in the world of Parisian haute couture, the pinnacle of fashion. The Hanae Mori Collection, which uses Western techniques to express Japanese beauty and sensibilities, has captivated countless celebrities, such as Grace Kelly and Sophia Lauren.

In 2015 Hanae Mori announced a new line for the next generation, Hanae Mori manuscrit. Manuscrit means “handwritten” in French. It reflects Hanae Mori’s philosophy of designer – a steady dedication to working by hand. Budding creator Yu Amatsu was selected as its director. It preserves the essence of Hanae Mori – refinement, intelligence, and glamor – as it offers fashion for the active working women of today.

The Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 show of which theme was the fusion of inorganic and organic designs, held on March 15 and attended by Madame Mori, watching from the front row, Motifs of classic building structures and straight-line cuts were overlapped with depictions of plants and other organic designs, as well as smooth, curved draping.

The Beauty look was handled by a Shiseido hair and makeup team. Classic Bordeaux lipstick with well-defined edges was contrasted with mysterious metallic gold eye makeup. The complexity of modern elegance was expressed in the look by adding a futuristic edge.

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