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Purifying Peel Off Mask,



Purifying Peel Off Mask

An emergency skin-resetting mask with the botanical power of red shiso. Clarifies... and resets skin damaged by exposure to dirt and pollutants*. The paste turns into a film that adheres snugly to the skin. Reveals pure**, smooth skin by cleaning up the pores and removing impurities that cause roughness and breakouts. Discover your freshest skin ever, with its radiance renewed. ●Formulated with shiso leaf extract to enhance skin’s purity** and clarity. ●Targets breakouts and darkened pores by removing impurities, sebum and old surface cells. ●Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of pores and improve roughness with a soothing sensation. ●Clears away sources of skin concerns without stripping skin of essential moisture. ●Contains whole loquat leaf cells with its antioxidant effect.***   ●The comforting scent alleviates the feeling of fatigue, and improves concentration, motivation and activity. ●Mineral oil-free. This Force for Good formulation is made with what the skin truly needs, using methods that respect the needs of our environment. ●For all skin types including sensitive. ●Non-comedogenic. Won’t clog pores. ●Dermatologist-tested. *Oxidation, carbon, dirt particles in the air **A clean skin condition without dirt or excess sebum ***in vitro More


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Rich in minerals and vitamins, Red Shiso is known for its ability to detox and preserve skin.

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