Backed by pioneering technologies, SHISEIDO SUNCARE provides optimal UV protection with skincare effects for everyday life.

Master Athletic Beauty with BB for Sports


An innovative BB sunscreen that’s scientifically formulated for exercise, so it not only shields your skin but activates when it’s exposed to water or perspiration.
This is beauty in motion. Immerse yourself.


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The Science of BB for Sports

1. WetForce technology boosts the UV protection veil the more you sweat.*
2. Contouring powder makes skin look healthier, more sculpted and more beautiful under the strong sunlight.
3. An Amino Complex nourishes and hydrates the skin when you sweat.
4. The lightweight, comfortable, non-greasy texture of the formula sinks in swiftly, because Shiseido knows that how your skin feels when you exercise is so important.

* in vitro

Beauty You Can Feel

Shiseido’s WetForce Ambassador and tennis pro Ana Ivanovic recommends the new BB for Sports. Strong against the sun, it leaves you with protected, glowing skin that looks and feels beautiful.


Tell us about the joys and benefits of training outdoors

In tennis we chase the sun throughout the year. Most of the tournaments take place outdoors, so I spend a lot of time playing tennis in the sun. There is something invigorating about training outdoors. Out and about I feel energized and fresh. I much prefer to use the natural landscape as my studio than indoors gym environment.

How do you feel about an beautifying SPF product?

The idea of being fully protected yet having a product that will even out my skin tone, add radiance, glow and contouring effects at the same time is just amazing.

Tell us how you feel when you exercise well and push yourself hard?

There is something rewarding and satisfying about completing a good workout session. I know that I need to push myself daily in order to reach my goals on court. When it's a tough day to motivate myself I tell myself "this is when you improve the most, work hard".

What are your impressions of this new BB for Sports?

BB for Sports is my new beauty obsession. It is such a cleaver product. Whenever you are out on the beach, working out with friends outdoors or simply just want a quick fixing product that will both beautify and protect your face, BB for Sports is your new must have!