Twenty years of research have led to the
creation of ULTIMUNE. Now your skin can reclaim the
strength to fight all kinds of damage on its own.
Make strong, beautiful skin your reality, now and over time.

What is

After 20 years of research on skin immunity, Shiseido developed Ultimune.
It embodies the essence of Shiseido skincare.
It strengthens the skin’s natural powers of defense, enabling it to build its own beauty.
And it enhances the benefits of skincare routines that follow.
Smooth, supple, with fewer fine lines - skin radiates with a healthy look.

What is skin

Just like your body,
your skin has its own immune system.

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The skin is a dynamic organ that contains different cells that are activated when the tissue is under attack by invading external aggressors (such as pathogens, pollution). As your skin is the first defense against irritants like time, exposure and stress, the condition of your skin’s immunity is critical towards self-repair.

Langerhans cells (present in the epidermis) play a crucial role in skin immunity, triggering defenses against stressors to achieve skin's highest beauty potential. When the function of Langerhans cells declines due to UV rays, dryness and emotional stress, it can cause skin concerns to appear such as loss of firmness, and wrinkles and dark spots appear.

After more than 20 years of research, Shiseido has determined the effect immunity has on the condition of the skin and created a complex that successfully supports Langerhans cells.*

*in vitro test


Lower stress = higher immunity.

With less stress, immunity remains strong, to protect skin’s beauty from damage, and maintain its health.
Plus, fewer skin problems mean less emotional stress for you.
Skin gets into a positive cycle, and so does your self confidence.

Ultimune vs. Skin Damage Factors.

Ultimune calms damage factors that increase when you’re under stress, by improving the function of Langerhans cells.
Ultimune’s unique fragrance enhances relaxation, to reduce stress further, and contribute to the positive skin cycle.
Try it for a month, and experience the feeling of your resistance being boosted against damage.



Exclusive beauty defenders.

Ultimune ComplexTMOriginally-developed and naturally-occurring ingredients combined to nourish, shield, and defend skin.

Plant-powered defense.

Ginko Biloba, Perilla (an Eastern herb) and Wild Thyme (a Western herb) offer immune-boosting effects against oxidation and harmful substances.

Fragrance Effect.

Aromatic ImuCalm Compound, with rose and lotus element, calms your mood and suppresses stress responses*.

*Verified data in vitro

The Impact of


Your skin texture is smoother and more supple.
“Skin became smoother.”
“Skin became more supple.”
“Skin became softer.”

*Tested on 216 women (self-evaluation). April – May 2013

[After 1 Week]arrow

Your skin tone is more clearer and radiant.
“Skin’s uneven tone improved.”
“Skin became more radiant.”
“Skin’s clarity improved.”

*Tested on 214 women (self-evaluation). April – May 2013

[In 4 Weeks]*

Your skin seems resistant and feels protected.
“Skin’s healthy condition is protected.”
“My skin has become resistant to troubles.”
“Skin damage caused by environmental factors and stress were reversed.”

*Tested on 206 women (self-evaluation). April – May 2013

Benefits of Combined Use

Combining the power of Ultimune with any serum can enhance its positive effects on the skin’s appearance.


After using Ultimune with
a brightening serum for 1 week:

Skin appears brighter and more
responsive to treatments.*

MicroTargeting Spot Corrector (Serum)

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Felt the two serums were more powerful when used together.*
Felt the brightening serum penetrated more with Ultimune.*

*The test items used were Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector (Serum) for a combined usage test using Shiseido’ s typical brightening serum. Test on 135 women, self-evaluation.


After using Ultimune with an anti-aging serum
for 1 week:

Skin appears firmer, signs of aging are

LiftDynamic Serum

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Felt the anti-aging serum penetrated more with Ultimune.**
Sagging, firmness of skin improved. Multiple signs of aging improved.**

**The test items used were Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Serum for a combined usage test using Shiseido’ s typical anti-aging serum. Test on 92 women, self-evaluation.


After using Ultimune with a multi-functional
serum for 2 weeks:

Skin appears more radiant and youthful.***

Glow Revival Serum

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Felt they were more powerful
when used together.***
Felt the multi-functional serum’s repairing effects had been enhanced.***

***The test items used were Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum, as Shiseido’s standard multi-functional serum, for a combined usage test. Test on 110 women, self-evaluation.


Ultimune as a Daily Ritual


Apply twice daily, morning and evening,
after cleansing and balancing skin.


Press the pump twice to dispense
serum into the palm of hand.


When used with other serums,
apply Ultimune first.

For the Eyes:
Ultimune Eye

Because the skin around the eyes needs special care.

Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate

ImuMoisture ExtractTM, unique to Ultimune Eye, protects and fully nourishes delicate eye area skin.

Ultimune Eye