Essential Energy brings a vision of next generation life science to your skin. Reawakening its ability to respond to skincare. Reinvigorated with youthful energy.

Beauty opens
your eyes
to more.

Essential Energy Eye Definer

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Open your eyes.


Digital Fatigue Focus Complex with ReNeura Technology™ reboots skin’s sensors around the eye area.
Sense-stirring hydration visibly controls signs of screen fatigue: dullness, dryness, dark circles.
For vibrant, reenergized feeling eyes.
Made for the digital age. Made with soul.

Soothed, reenergized feeling.
Reawakened eyes.

Recharge skin with 24-hour moisture to visibly control signs of screen fatigue: dullness, dryness, dark circles. For vibrant, smooth, reenergized fe ng eyes.
The sense-stirring, soothing applicator promotes micro-circulation. Massages away puffiness to open your eyes to more.

Eye Definer

Beauty is active.

Eye Definition Method

SHISEIDO’s eye area exercise program is physical therapy for screen-weary eyes.
These simple movements work with the skincare and massage techniques to bring out a revitalized, bright-eyed look.


About Essential Energy

Beauty is an ongoing discovery.

The regenerative energy plant

On Japan’s Hachijo Island, there is a plant so charged with energy, people have believed in its natural healing properties for centuries.

Essential Energy Items

Day & Night Care

Smoothness and softness.
Sparked from within.


Moisturizing Cream

Light, fresh moisture.
Reawakened skin.


Moisturizing Gel Cream

Day Care

Refreshing protection.
An energized glow.


Day Emulsion

Eye Care

Soothed, reenergized feeling.
Reawakened eyes.

Eye Definer

Beauty comes in many forms.

Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, the packages evoke the forms of handcrafted Japanese tea bowls—designed to fit naturally in your hands, but differently every time.
64 unique shapes and varied graphic designs treat your senses to new visual and tactile experiences with every purchase.

What makes you feel energized?

Beauty is a skincare ritual.
Discover yours.

Shiseido believes that the secret to beauty lies within the skin's own natural defensive and regenerative powers. After years of research, we've developed a holistic approach to channeling these powers, for skin that resists problems and improves its own condition, now and in the future. As its beauty is reignited from within, your skin reaches its full potential.

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate