Engineered to strengthen men’s skin and helps support its natural innate power. SHISEIDO MEN offers simple yet powerful skincare.


Rehydrate. Refresh. Control oil.
Power your skin.


Dry, rough or oily skin needs specialized, on-demand hydration. Our Hydro Master Technology customizes moisture to your skin—for smoother texture and a refreshed, stable sensation that lead to a clearer state of mind.



Power Your Skin.

Some things change with time, but a man's spirit of challenge and exploration does not. Shiseido constantly explores new ways to fortify men's skin at the primary skin level, so the skin can improve itself from within. The result is SHISEIDO MEN—a simple, powerful skincare system that enables men and their skin to perform at their vital, powerful best.

Softness and Toughness in one package

The distinctive design of the SHISEIDO MEN packaging exemplifies the brand concept. Lines and curves meld into one form. The straight-edged sides of the cylindrical container symbolizes the duality of the male psyche – where gentleness and strength coexist. These straightforward, functional, shapes are easy to store and comfortable to hold. And the sophisticated silver-gray color theme represents scientific and technological advancement.

Japanese Aesthetics

Combining linearity and curves, the package evokes a sense of Japanese elegance. Almost circular in shape, it represents a nearly perfect existence. But the circle is sharpened by straight lines, which symbolize ultimate simplicity. This kind of contrast is common in traditional Japanese architecture. It suggests the Zen concept of life in balance.


Using books as a motif, the SHISEIDO MEN packages suggest a gathering of intelligence from all over the world. Their shape and texture were created with insight and carefully selected materials, to feel comfortable in a man's hand, while exerting a strong appeal to both his intelligence and sensitivity.

High-Powered Technology

SHISEIDO MEN skincare products contain Damage Defense Complex, a moisturizing ingredient* developed through Shiseido's research into the unique physiology of men's skin. By maintaining skin's barrier function, it protects against dryness and roughness. It also absorbs excess sebum, and keeps skin in healthy condition.

* Damage Defense Complex: a high-performance compound ingredient developed through fusion of four ingredients: Polyquaternium–51, PEG/PPG-14/7 Dimethylether, Erythritol, and Glycerin