Seven inspiring people
share perspectives on beauty

SHISEIDO reaches 150th anniversary dedicated to life's gift of beauty. Our long history of exploration interweaves with stories of illuminating experiences. Each one tells of beauty emerging from life itself, and we'll continue to unravel its infinite facets and share them with the world.


From life comes beauty.

Dance as an Extension of Self

Andy Da Veiga

Dance Artist / Performer


Immortal Beauty

Charlotte Desert

Landscape designer


Finding Authenticity

Kelly Knight

Forensic scientist


Life in Dynamic Equilibrium

Kentaro Kajiya

Shiseido scientist


Beauty in the Power

Dr. Korie Grayson

STEM Diversity Advocate


Unforgettable Encounters

Tomoe Kakutani

Shiseido beauty specialist


Beauty Through Perseverance

Yinong Thao

Healthy lifestyle advocate



From life comes beauty.

Andy Da Veiga's Dance as an Extension of Self

Dance plays an integral role in Andy Da Veiga's expression and perceptions of beauty. From choreographing performances in front of his family as a child to showcasing his work in front of millions, Andy's love for dance has shaped his life into a dynamic piece of art. When thinking about what he creates, he emphasizes the beauty in movement. "It is the way of expressing oneself with the body and how several different individuals will, together, create a harmony around the dance," he said.

Beauty is rooted in Andy's work with his private dance company. He oversees a wide range of dancers and finds ways to weave diverging movements into a central, harmonized piece. For Andy, differences in styles or ideas between others give beauty life. Beauty, in every shape or form, evokes the feeling of awe and reflection in his mind. "It can be many different things, and it's something that will touch us in all instances, and that will make us take time to stop and look at it," he said.

He finds himself most alive and in tune with beauty on stage. Performing on stage is the culmination of hours spent creating and refining raw emotion. He works tirelessly to translate the abstract into movement, constantly editing and rehearsing, to the point where the moves feel like an extension of his physical self. When the audience finally witnesses and conjures feelings of their own, "It's like a little bubble that makes it really the most expressive and gratifying moment," Andy said. Being among the audience is also where Andy finds beauty outside of his own creation. He finds just as much inspiration sitting in front of the stage as he does on it, witnessing the talents of engineers, directors, and designers come together to create an infinitely moving piece with limited space and time. The connection between audience and performers is a part of what makes dance a living art, Andy believes. "All the passion and energy you're giving, they're also giving back to you," he said about the relationship between the two.

For Andy, beauty exists solely through life. It's built up from nothing, like blank pages that slowly fill with the writer's self, bound together to create a book. Without a life to build on, beauty would remain unseen, non-existent. "It's the principle of starting from nothing and choosing everything we can do, to reach a point of beauty in our life," he said. Just as dance is the translation of emotion to action, beauty is an extension of one's being.

Andy believes that life is filled with beauty when we embrace what we regard as beautiful. He believes that to have the courage to be happy and do what we want, be with people we love, and do the work we love. Andy loves to dance and believes teaching it is a way to ingrain his legacy. One day, he wishes people could say, "That's an Andy Da Veiga move."

Immortal Beauty in the Eye of Charlotte Desert

In times of isolation and confinement, Charlotte Desert took a step away from the urban jungle to cultivate a space for nature to flourish. She lives on the water, just a stone’s throw from Paris, sculpting the natural landscape around the barge she sleeps in. Pursuing her passion as a landscape designer opened Charlotte’s eyes to the invisible strings that connect her to nature. She believes the beauty of nature resides in its persistence. “It’s independent of us, and we can’t control it. Even if we try to manipulate it or change things, nature is much stronger than us. We can only be spectators of it,” she said. She believes that nature has resources that we don’t know about, returning a thousand other forms. Charlotte revels in witnessing how we live with the rhythm of nature, such as the changing colors and falling leaves of the trees, the migration of the birds, and when day turns to night.

Overwhelmed by the crowded city, Charlotte moved to the outskirts of Paris, where nature lives in peaceful abundance. She dedicates her days to refining abandoned forestland that lives right above her new houseboat along the river. “I spend 10 hours a day there. I love it so much, I don’t see the time passing,” she said about her new life. She fosters a deep relationship with nature, appreciating how it fights to survive, grow, and adapt as it guides and supports her in life’s changes.

Charlotte imagines the long-term evolution of her creations when she gardens and how her endeavors are now a part of a shifting, breathing space. “When I have my hands in the ground, I tell myself that I am useful for this garden, the owners of the plot, and also for the planet. In my humble role, I am useful in that sense, ” she said, reflecting on the impact of her work and imagining how the garden she creates would evolve from the flowers that will bloom and the fragrance they will transmit. She explained that those who venture into her garden would see a continuous unfolding of new experiences by each person. “Everyone will have their favorite place to go and pick their little raspberries. They will have their own opinion of their favorite flower or what they think is beautiful,” she said. Because to her, you cannot define beauty by one meaning only, but by something one feels that’s profoundly unique individually. To Charlotte, beauty is immortal and endures through time that outlasts us all.

Kelly Knight on Finding Authenticity in the Face of Loss

"Our job is to find the truth," Kelly said with conviction. "Our moral and ethical values must never waver." An embodiment of her words, Kelly Knight works as a forensic scientist and a professor. "My work helps exonerate someone falsely accused or help put somebody away who has done something awful," she explained. Finding the truth to bring justice is core to her work and influencing others brings her fulfillment significantly.

But it was in her recent fight with soft tissue sarcoma when she found beauty to take on a new shape. During her treatment period, Kelly felt all her beautiful physical attributes dissipate, losing her self-confidence as she lost all her hair. "I went and bought a million wigs because I was trying to get a piece of who I was before all of this," she quipped. To fight the feelings of isolation and struggle with insecurities, Kelly turned to social media and connected with a community of others battling chronic illnesses. The uncovering moments laid her bare through vulnerability, but it was also when courage took a stand and authenticity set in. To her surprise, she gained massive support from other women online fighting the same battle, and they helped reframe her perception of beauty and regain the confidence she lost. "I found that being vulnerable and connecting with others who were going through things that were similar, that to me was the heart of what's beautiful," she said, thinking how her view of beauty grew. She discovered increasing confidence in her openness and now wants to help others find the same fervor for a more profound, stronger beauty within themselves.

Being authentic has been challenging for Kelly as she often feels judged. But she remarked, "that we have the power to choose what we think is beautiful." She said it could be difficult to see authenticity in social media where we often only see a person's "highlight reel," showing only the good side of their life. She believes everyone is entitled to tell their story in their own way, but she gained beauty in finding her authenticity. In the face of losing her self-esteem, she became intentional in finding beauty in any and every aspect of life. So in her desire to influence younger women, Kelly wants to educate them about what it means to redefine beauty and show what that could mean for different people.

In a hundred years from now, Kelly wants people to look back on her contributions of being a strong advocate for women and women of color in STEM and be recognized not as "a great woman of color scientist" but just a "great scientist." Finally, Kelly hopes that we can all be a part of a bigger legacy where we can lighten the world's burdens and when everyone can feel accepted, respected, and powerful.

Kentaro Kajiya's View of Life in Dynamic Equilibrium

"We are always in a state of Dynamic Equilibrium of constant movement, change, and continual creation," Kentaro Kajiya said, who is a SHISEIDO scientist and director. As a skin researcher, he studies the connections between the skin and the rest of the body. He believes that a state of harmony in one's whole body leads to a state of vitality. Although his initial interest was in creating new perfumes, Kentaro's current studies allow him to dive deeper into his love for the human body and its precision.

To Kentaro, beauty is not found in a static state "I don't think it's always the same, I think it's ephemeral, it's the split moment when things come together, and it's beautiful. I think it's difficult to capture just one moment in time because the idea of beauty also changes," he said.

Kentaro delves into his experiments to find new ways to showcase an ever-changing beauty. There's no question why Kentaro sees life at the core of beauty. In many of his experiments, he views life moving in real-time through the lens of a microscope. He observes blood vessel structure, fascinated by how they maneuver around the body. "It looks as if they have a will of their own," he said about why he loves his research. In his view, beauty is a result of things compounded. He compares it to cells, how they have different missions within the body but builds together to form larger, complex systems. He found the same beauty taking form in Cappadocia, Turkey. The mushroom-shaped rocks carved out by the forces of nature left him in awe. "There is a beauty that is created by accumulation, like the rocks of Cappadocia," he said. "That's why I think there is beauty that exudes as we age."

Kentaro asserts that personal beauty cannot flourish without interpersonal connections. One's beauty needs to be shared with others to exceed its potential on its own. "Our nerves and senses perceive our relationships with other people, and our state of being moves," he added. As life constantly moves, beauty must also continue its flow from person to person. Kentaro said, "You can feel a sense of wonder the moment you come into contact with the mysteries of nature." This movement is what Kentaro sees as the meaning behind "Alive with Beauty." He compares it to the flowing of blood in the body. The way vessels help move blood to power different systems highlights how connections are necessary for growth. The constant change in life encompasses all and moves in parts to power the whole, Kentaro said in his views on the motion and precision of life. He hopes that his research will lead to facts that no one thought discovered and shed light on another aspect of beauty in life. "As a skin researcher, I have experienced the miracle of how life works. It's amazing that we exist at all," he concluded.

Beauty in the Power of the Smaller Details by Dr. Korie Grayson

Dr. Korie Grayson recognizes the ebbs and flows of confidence, how it requires a daily process of refinement and cultivation. Her diligence in cultivating that confidence launches Korie to new heights every day, such as her recent Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. She remembers the hardships that tested her confidence, but takes pride in coming out of the experience with bolstered conviction as a woman of color excelling in STEM. To Dr. Korie, beauty stems from the smaller details. She sees the way they build into something magnificent but also emphasizes their intricate beauty. Like snowflakes sticking together to form the perfect winter landscape, beauty is infinite in size.

Dr. Korie's attention to detail draws her to the beauty of intricacy, found plentiful in the work she does in the lab. She watches how atoms interact with each other at a microscopic level to form complex systems that power our bodies. "We don't see cells, and they're invisible to the naked eye, but when you see them underneath the microscope, some of the most beautiful things are happening. You get to see life on a different scale," Dr. Korie said. She takes that love for the microscopic and expands it to her own life, where she finds that exercising at the gym builds up both body and mind. She finds a sense of accomplishment in personal growth, no matter the size. Whether doing her first pushup or breaking personal fitness records, she sees every small step as a foundation to improve on. When it comes to her sense of beauty, Dr. Korie points to her hair she named Sheila. Her natural hair allows her to feel alive and beautiful. Finding and experimenting with the minute details gives Dr. Korie an appreciation for the beauty within life.

As someone who studies details down to an atom, Dr. Korie finds beauty in all of life's differences. She points out the countless perceptions of beauty and how they spark when they interact with one another. "It creates conversation, and it creates moments of tension, but good tension that we can have this difference of opinion and still agree," she said about how beauty shifts and changes. These transformations expand on the idea of beauty and continue to build on top of the past. "It's like the building blocks of life that get you to that ultimate sense of beauty," said Dr. Korie. Under the microscope, she could look at small particles that evolve into a system that people typically don't realize could defend and protect us and make life beautiful.

Dr. Korie hopes to shift the perceptions of STEM as she navigates through conversations of her identity as a scientist of color. She continues to advocate for a more diverse, equal work environment for scientists of any background to feel welcome and a world where we can be different.

The Unforgettable Encounters of Tomoe Kakutani

Tomoe Kakutani is a top beauty specialist at SHISEIDO who dedicates her life to bringing beauty around her. Her story began as a child when she decided on a future career that makes people happy and beautiful. Years of experience as a beauty consultant showed her many different forms of physical beauty. But what she finds most memorable is the beauty in others' rich facial expressions that convey their emotions and outlook in life. Tomoe cherishes the beauty of human connection, which she finds abundant in her career.

For Tomoe, building relationships is a priority in her career. She delves into her customers' personalities through conversations to find the look that best complements their character. The trust that customers put in her fuels her desire to become an even better expert. When her work turned from consultant to trainer, she remained staunch in her values. She passes down her love and care to her mentees, as she does to her customers, and builds a sense of trust and friendship with them.

"Beauty is about more than what the eye can see," says Tomoe. She believes that "human interaction is still at the core of what makes things beautiful." The birthplaces of beauty in her mind are the connections between people, from passing greetings with strangers to longer-lasting relationships. She admires honesty and those who can express it with warmth and gentleness. Tomoe sees beauty in every stage of life's journeys. When it comes to younger folks, she is awed by their "spirit of challenge" to learn new things about the world. Young people continue to push society's boundaries, bringing their own ideas of beauty into the world. Conversely, Tomoe finds the beauty in older generations in their receptive nature who welcome and learn new views with an open mind.

In Tomoe's opinion, Being "Alive with Beauty" is less about appearances and more about "the beauty of mind." It's the advancement of oneself, making changes you feel are necessary to your being, and ensuring the mind is in a state of constant evolution. Through her experiences working with others to help bring out the beauty inside, Tomoe believes that being "Alive with Beauty" cannot come to be without the beauty of human relationships. The beauty of the interactions and reactions, the laughter, and the little moments that happen in those instances become unforgettable. It goes beyond remembering people's faces. These interactions with others introduce us to vastly different worlds that inspire us to propel our character evolution and are Tomoe's drive as a beauty consultant.

Yinong Zhao's Pursuit of Beauty Through Perseverance

Yinong Zhao is known as a healthy lifestyle blogger. Hailing from Beijing, China, Yinong tackled challenges to her identity. In the face of traditional Asian femininity values, she shows others that power in womanhood doesn't require timidity or delicateness. Yinong realized women could also have power, strength, and a firm idea to show their beauty and bravely go for what they want. She explained that beauty is so powerful when you get it. Confidence in being yourself despite cultural expectations and of others brings freedom, "to be your own master is beautiful," said Yinong. Through her social media presence and business organization, Yinong looks to empower others, especially women, passionately for sports and healthful lifestyles. She lives out her ideal of beauty through her work and her personal life, sharing her journey and determination with others to inspire them to face the world with resolve.

Yinong's love for sports stems from her challenges with body image anxieties. She consumed unhealthy diet practices that pushed onto her at an early age but found exercise as a way to break out of her self-consciousness. She found exercise rejuvenated both her body and mind, filling her with newfound energy and happiness. She learned more about fitness throughout college and recognized that she could gain even more control over her body by refining her workout process. "I found that when I was young, female celebrities I liked were all 'pale, young, thin.' I suddenly found that that was not the beauty I wanted. I wanted strong, healthy and fit, and natural beauty," she said about how fitness helped find the proper lifestyle for her.

Nature influenced Yinong as she learned to conform to its laws. She believes that we can't resist nature at all. Instead, it teaches you how to be human, not to stop, and rise when you fall. Yinong finds skiing one of the most fulfilling sports in her life. Though she was scared at first, she did not doubt to make it to the bottom as long as she could stop the board. "This may also be the thing that skiing taught me. When you encounter difficulties, do not be afraid. Get up. Give yourself another opportunity to move forward and take that step," she said. Nature and sports showed Yinong the beauty of perseverance as a significant facet of her journey.

For Yinong, overcoming life's challenges while remaining true to herself is where she sees beauty. Yinong said, "Who I want to be is important. I decide what is beautiful. I decide what I want to do. I decide how I pursue beauty and how I define beauty." And no matter how many times she has failed, she remembers that failure only leads to fulfilling success. "Although falling will hurt, I'll only know what I can do until I give myself the chance to hurt and know my limits," she said. She understands that the outcome of her work is nothing without the hardships between the start and finish. She encourages others to focus on more than just the results and to appreciate the road to the end. "Life is the pursuit of beauty, but the destination will never be as beautiful as the journey itself."